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Acoustical Ceiling Installation

If you are interested in both installing and insulating an acoustical ceiling, AKS Enterprises Construction Services can help. We install high-quality ceiling tiles from USG and Armstrong. Our insulation and acoustical ceiling contractors can recommend the right product for your insulation needs and install it correctly, in a safe and timely manner.


Paint is the one of the most important factors in the aesthetics of any renovation or construction project. A professional finish is necessary to facilitate happy and repeat customers. Our painters are some of the best in San Antonio. Their knowledge of the products and various application methods provides a level of confidence in our customers that cannot be beat. Whatever the job requires, whether it be a Level 5 Finish, epoxy paint, wood stain and varnish or basic touch ups the standard is the same across the board.

Metal Stud Framing

Accurate and professional metal stud framing is crucial to any project big or small. Any error in the layout or construction of the framing can impact every trade that follows, doors and frames, drywall and finishes, resulting in a loss of time and/or money. Our metal stud framers understand the importance of quality work and how it can impact an entire project as well as the bottom line for the company.

Our Standards…

Our excellent reputation in this industry is a direct result of our attention to detail and maintaining our personal standards throughout a project’s duration. We provide a consistent quality of workmanship regardless of the size and scope of work. This applies to not only the field portion of the project, but in the administrative department as well. We are very proud of how efficiently we handle the paperwork associated with this industry